Marin Pine Mountain 1

  • The New Marin Pine Mountain is a fresh take on what an adventure trail bike should be capable of. All-new Series 1 and Series 2 CrMo frames have been constructed around 29x2.6” wheels/tires, with geometry blending the stability and raucous fun of aggressive trail geometry with all day comfort and pedalability for a wide variety of trail. A plethora of eyelets on the frame and the Bedroll Bar let you customize your bike and gear to each and every adventure, and wide-range drivetrains and sturdy trail suspension forks make sure you can get out and back with a smile and a story worth telling.

    The Pine Mountain 1 is a classic steel hardtail mountain bike from Marin. It’s plus-sized tires give you an instant confidence boost and traction upgrade, sticking to most everything and making it possible to navigate rough and slippery trails and obstacles with new conviction.

    NOTE: The bike in stock went on a test ride with a frame bag installed, and received some wear to the paint at the heat tube and seat tube area. Hence the substantial discount!

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