Mission & Values

Bike Swift is dedicated to serving people and the planet as well as making profit.

Bike Swift serves people through:

  • equipping customers with fun and functional vehicles at an affordable price and in an accessible way,
  • supporting a network of bike shops to care for these customers, 
  • promoting inclusive policies in our company, our dealers, and our suppliers, and
  • reducing the number of cars on the road, which increases community safety and comfort.

Bike Swift serves the planet through:

  • decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change,
  • improving local air quality by reducing exhaust pollution,
  • sourcing products that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, and
  • recycling and reusing products at the end of their lifetime.
We value sustainability both on an environmental and personal level. The tremendous environmental benefits of bicycling only occur if people actually do it, and that only happens if biking is fun and easy. We're here to make riding a relaxing and healthy adventure. Not a grind. 
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