Charger - Cycle Satiator

This charger from Grin Technologies is simply the best ebike charger available, bar none. It's programmable for any battery voltage, charges at up to 8A (that's a full charge in less than 2 hours!), and allows you to save charge profiles for various uses (a gentle, 85% charge for everyday use? and a quick switch to a fast, 100% charge when you really need it? check!).

It's warrantied for 3 years from Grin Tech (serviced via Bike Swift), and will be supported for life. The Satiator's solid-state aluminum construction means that it's likely to last many, many times longer than conventional plastic & fanned chargers. 

Check out the official product listing here:

Price includes the correct adapter to your battery (DC 2.5 or ST High-Current if purchased from Bike Swift).

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