Clear One Medium w/ Meridian Lite

The Clear One with a yet-to-be officially released Meridian Lite electric assist. Here's the base bike, which we at Bike Swift really love!

And here is the Meridian:

However, this bike uses a 5.5 lb motor to drop 4 lbs and almost all noise. The result is a bike that doesn't produce as much peak power, but can still give a substantial assist up to 25 mph, and uses a 650 watt-hour battery for a 40-60+ mile range. Total bike weight as pictures: 39.3 lbs! An e-bike with this combination of power, performance, battery capacity and weight is simply unprecedented. 

This is the 19" frame, best for riders 5'5" to 5'11". 25 mph top speed, smooth, responsive - it's everything you'd want in an electric bike. Best experienced in person to appreciate. 

Don't like the color or size? We can build you a Clear One with the Meridian in any color (Blue, Black, Yellow, Gray, Red) and size (Sm, Med, Lg). Let us know if you'd like to have one built up custom for you - however, this is the only "Lite" version available for now.

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