EdgeRunner (V2 Frame) with GMAC System

This is a new-old-stock V2 EdgeRunner frameset (circa 2015), meticulously built into an incredible do-anything ebike.

It features:

  • The GMAC motor system, our most powerful and feature-rich system. It turns this bike into a class-3 ebike, with a 20 mph (throttle only)/28 mph (pedaling) top speed and absolutely ridiculous torque. It also gives powerful regenerative braking, recharging the bike's battery and saving your brake pads. See the link to learn more about the system.
  • Torque-sensing bottom bracket, which gives a proportional assist based on your pedal power and also displays your pedal RPM and power (in watts), making the bike a great trainer.
  • Magura MT E-Bike disc brakes. Great stopping power, and a super-smooth integrated ebrake switch in the right lever.
  • Box Prime 1x9 drivetrain with ultra-wide 11-46 cassette. This drivetrain allows for easy, crisp shifting, has a low "granny" gear in case you run out of battery, and makes chain replacement less expensive than 10 or 11-speed drivetrains (important factor, as you'll have to use 2x chains to replace the drivetrain!).
  • Full fenders, high-grip & puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Ben tires, light system run off e-bike battery, Ergon Biokork grips for superior comfort, and more!
  • The entire bike (all electric and non-electric components) comes with a 2-year warranty, except for the frame, Cycle Analyst display, and Baserunner motor controller which have a 3-year warranty.

Essentially, this is the last-generation XtraCycle EdgeRunner frameset built with higher-quality components than the current-model EdgeRunner comes equipped. It is a joy to ride, from the grips to the tires, and certainly deserves a test ride!

Limited stock, order soon to get yours. 

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