EdgeRunner Swoop XPP w/ GMAC

The XtraCycle EdgeRunner Swoop with our GMAC system is a premier electric cargo bike. It features:

  • A meticulously engineered chromoly steel frame capable of carrying up to 3 child passengers, cargo, and more.
  • A motor system that provides over 80 N-m of torque to climb any hill and powerful regenerative braking to stop confidently.
  • 750 watt-hour battery for unmatched range.
  • Bright, powerful lights that run off the ebike battery (never forget to charge those rechargeables again!)
  • Torque sensing bottom bracket for proportional assist and power/cadence sensing
  • Full coverage fenders
  • Sturdy "Kickback 3" double kickstand
  • Hooptie child rail
  • U-Tube foot rests
  • X3 "Cargo Bay" expandable cargo bags
  • Magic carpet passenger pad
  • Vuelta triple road crankset or 1x Narrow/Wide crankset (your choice)

The GMAC motor system is capable of producing over 80 N-m of torque, in both forwards (acceleration) and reverse (braking) directions.  Because it's a hub motor, it offers this torque regardless of the gear that you're currently shifted into! This means peak torque from a stop without having to downshift, and also means that you don't wear your (extra-long) chain down with the motor. Regenerative braking will increase your range by 10-15% in hilly city terrain, and more importantly, doesn't wear your brake pads down. Wahoo!

This is the ultimate bike for in-city transport of cargo and passengers. Come take it for a test ride!

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