GMAC Motor

The GMAC motor - a brushless, internally geared DC motor with a locked clutch for regenerative braking. It's a revolutionary motor design based on the highest quality hub motor, a model that's been ridden and real-world tested for the last 15 years! It operates at up to 92% efficiency, is capable of over 100 newton-meters of torque in both directions (that means extremely powerful acceleration and braking), and is a blast to ride.  

10mm round axle with custom torque arm. 8/9/10 Shimano/SRAM freehub body, 6 bolt disc rotor pattern. 10-pin CUSMADE 1910A motor connector. 6 pulse/rotation speed sensor. 10K thermistor. 

Price includes custom torque arm.

When paired with a Phaserunner controller from Grin Tech, the 10T version is capable of top speeds of 28mph+ in a 20" wheel, 36mph+ in a 26", and up to 40mph in a 700c/29" wheel.

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