Hase Pino Allround 2020 Model

  • The Hase Pino is, we believe, the very best way for two people to ride together. It's semi-recumbent tandem, meaning the front rider is recumbent and the rear rider is upright. This places the stoker (or non-steering rider) in a comfortable position with full view of the vistas ahead.

    Add the GMAC motor system for powerful electric assistance and increased stopping power via regenerative braking!

    The Pino has a couple of design tweaks that make it handle and ride better than other semi-recumbent tandems as well:

    • Patented wide-set handlebars, which allows for a shorter wheelbase and for the captain and stoker to sit closer together.
    • Suspension front fork, which greatly reduces jarring bumps to the rump of the stoker (who is seated directly over the front wheel). 

    Hase's dedication to quality throughout make this a truly extraordinary bike.

    Two-part frame/front boom, collapsable for packing. Aluminum.
    Spinner Grind 1, reinforced version
    Double wall with double eyelets
    HASE BIKES Tandem Hub Rear/Shutter Precision Dynamo Front
    Schwalbe Marathon
    Microshift FD-R539 cold-forged
    Shimano Deore 9-Speed, Shadow Design
    Microshift 3x9 Bar-End
    ​HASE BIKES Tandem with freewheel, Rear: 170mm 28/38/48T, left 36T, Front: 165mm 38T
    Sealed Cartridge Bearings, Square Taper
    SRAM Guide hydraulic disc brakes, 203mm Front Rotor, 160mm Rear
    Custom Aluminum Wide-Set, Herrmans Ergo Grips
    Racktime Addit, Max. load: 66 lb.
  • The captain sits in the back, but steers the front wheel via a steering linkage. It's quite intuitive once you get the hang of it!

    No - you have to add the motor system. This motor system is installed on the base bike, which means that you can always turn the bike back into a non-ebike if you're interested!/p>

    This is a top-of-the line electric motor system that uses a DC motor with a planetary gear set for increased torque, but the unusual addition of a locked clutch for the ability to do regenerative braking. It also is paired with the latest control technologies from Grin Tech of Vancouver BC, and a torque sensing bottom bracket that can read power from either the captain's or stoker's bottom bracket.

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