Madsen Electric Assist

  • This is an electric assist tailored to perfectly fit the MADSEN kg271 bucket bike. It features:

      1. A rear hub motor with up to 1 horsepower (750 watts) of assistance, heaps of torque, and a 25mph top speed
      2. A heavy-duty rear wheel - you never have to worry about broken spokes or a rim wobble when you load up the bucket
      3. A weatherproof battery that has a true 15-25 mile range (all loaded up!), and that locks to the MADSEN's frame but can be removed for easy charging inside.
      4. A handlebar mounted display shows your speed, power level, battery charge, and distance traveled
      5. A 2-year warranty
      6. And included in the retail price - local installation at a bike shop near you! Could it get any better?

    In short, this system turns the MADSEN into the do-it-all cargo bike you always wanted it to be.

  • Motor 500 watt (1000 watt peak) planetary geared brushless DC rear hub motor with cassette freehub body. 9.5 lbs, 36 spoke hole, manufactured by Bafang. 7 rpm/V winding speed
    Battery Weatherproof, locking enclosure 52V 14 amp-hour frame mount (HaiLong) with Panasonic/Sanyo 3.45Ah 18650GA cells (14S 4P cell configuration). 7.0 lbs. 30A max discharge current, 8A max charge current
    Battery Clamps Custom steel battery clamps for lower boom tube
    Controller 18A battery-mount integrated; weatherproof, micro MOSFETs from Texas Instruments
    Charger 2.5A 58.8V (100%) charger with DC2.5 plug (upgradeable in future)
    Connectors HIGO waterproof
    Spokes & Nipples 13/14G (2.3/2.0mm) butted stainless steel from Pillar Spokes; Sapim brass nipples
    Rim 20" (406mm ERD) Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite; eyeleted, brushed sidewalls, black
    Cadence Sensor 4-hall sensor with 12 magnet disc (48 pulse/rotation), customized universal mounting bracket
    Display Aluminum enclosure with toughened glass display, external buttons, user programmable. Shows battery charge, power level, speed, and distance
    Brake Cutoff Single glue-on reed switch (optional)
    Throttle Thumb or half-grip twist (optional)
  • The motor works to assist your pedal power. It will turn on to the power level that you select on the display as soon as you start pedaling. When you stop pedaling, the motor shuts off. You can also purchase a handlebar mounted throttle to engage the motor if you'd like to cruise around without pedaling.

    The motor will assist you up to 20mph; however, you can limit the motor's maximum speed via the display.

    The battery life varies based on numerous factors (the power level used, the rider’s weight, the amount of pedal assistance, cargo, terrain, wind, etc). A Madsen isn't a light bike, and so you should expect 15-25 miles to a charge. A longer range is possible if you pedal hard and use lower power levels.

    The total system weighs 18.1 lbs, but it replaces your rear wheel, which weight a bit over 2 lbs. So it will add 15-16 lbs to the Madsen, but the power it gives you will offset its weight 20 times over!

    Professional installation at a bike shop near you is included free with your purchase. After ordering the Madsen Electric Assist online, you will be notified of the shop that will conduct the install. You bring your bike to them, and we'll let you know when the conversion is complete. While you're there, consider getting a tune-up, a good lock, lights, or any other accessory that will make your bike even more functional.

    It really comes down to how well you, the battery’s owner, care for it. With that said, you can expect a full 400 cycles with the standard charger before the battery life drops to 80% of its original capacity. But with the variable charger, you can extend that number to 1,000 cycles or more. Find out how here. We warranty the battery for 2 years with some stipulations (see warranty section for more information).

    From completely flat, the standard battery takes 6 hours to charge, and the extended battery takes 8 hours to charge. Want faster charging speeds? Check out the variable charger!

    Nope. But don’t leave it plugged in for too long (24 hours or more). It keeps the cells from dropping down to their resting voltage and prematurely ages the pack.

    No! Actually, it's best to not completely discharge the battery. We suggest you simply recharge the battery overnight after riding, regardless of whether it's completely dead or not.

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