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About us

Forrest lives in West Seattle, and works in East Seattle. His cross-town commute was a nightmare - he tried driving, carpooling, transit, shuttle. Now he zips across town on a Bike Swift e-bike, making the trip to work an adventure and not a grind. 

Stacey purchased a cargo bike to tote around her 2 girls, and found that it was really tough to get up Seattle's steep hills. Instead of giving up, Stacey contacted Bike Swift and had us add a powerful electric assist. Now, she and her kids ride the bike all the time!

Zak was tired of driving everywhere. He wanted to have more fun and get in better shape. So he got rid of his car, and got a Bike Swift e-bike with a light system, full fenders, and rack. And he loves it.

Maya biked almost everywhere - work, the grocery store, the climbing gym, hangouts with friends. But on those overcast, cold, rainy days, or on really long trips, she sometimes drove instead. Then she got an e-bike from Bike Swift, and now she really rides everywhere!

Convoy Coffee wanted to deliver great coffee by bike to farmer's markets and other hard-to-reach spots. The problem: their bike trailer was over 100 lbs! They got an electric assist, and now you can sip their incredible coffee at the market rain or shine. 

Tim is a lifelong Seattlite, and stays busy in semi-retirement. He used to drive everywhere, and got sick of the traffic. After thorough research, he bought a Bike Swift e-bike. Now he often goes a week without getting in a car! 

For these people, and so many others:


Bike Swift equips everyday folks with high-quality electric bikes for joyous and sustainable transport.