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Located at 603 Eastlake Ave E, you can swing by our physical location to test ride our bikes and systems, purchase products, and have your bicycle serviced.

Please note that we are not a conventional bike shop. Even though we have the skills and tools to complete most bicycle repair and maintenance tasks, we may refer you to another shop for service as our focus is the transformation of conventional bikes into e-bikes. However, we will always service bikes that we have converted to electric assist, and non-standard electric bike and/or cargo bikes. Please contact us to learn more about our availability.

Contact: (206) 588-6546

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11-6

Labor Rates:

Prices do not include parts unless specified

General Labor Rates

Safety Tune-Up: $90

  • Brake adjustment
  • Shifting adjustment
  • Tire pressurization
  • Headset bearing adjustment
  • Lubrication of moving parts

Full Tune-Up: $150

Safety Tune-Up plus...

  • Wheels trued
  • Headset/hub bearing adjustment
  • Brake pad installation
  • Bottom bracket removal, greasing, and reinstallation
  • Chain installation

Tune-up does not include cost of parts. Additional tasks billed at hourly rate.

Hourly Rate: $120

That's $2.00/minute

Electric Bike Inheritance Fee: $99

After initial 5-10 minute diagnostic fee, this is our charge for working on the electric assist system of any non-Bike Swift purchased electric bike or conversion kit. It is a 1-time fee, although not all bikes are eligible. Labor and parts are charged in addition to this fee. After this fee is charged, you are one of our customers with all the support and care that entails!


Boxing for Shipping: $120/hour + $25 box/packing parts fee

Usually 1 hour, but may be longer for more complex bikes or higher-quality packing

Unbox Standard Bike: $120

Unbox Electric Bike: Hourly

A-la-carte Labor Rates

Minimum Labor Charge: $10


Rear Rack Installation: $25

Fender Installation: $50


Inner Tube Replacement: $15 ($30 charge for cargo/electric bike not sold by Bike Swift)

Add Sealant: $12 (Includes cost of sealant)

Tubeless Setup: $50/tire (Includes tape, valve, & sealant. Subject to tire/rim compatibility)


Brake Adjustment/Pad Install & Setup: $30

Hydraulic Brake Bleed: $50 (Subject to brake bleed part availability)


Derailleur Adjustment: $30

Derailleur Hanger Alignment: $30

Chain Install: $10


Cable/Housing Installation: $40/cable (includes parts) | $100/all cables

Includes basic cable tension adjustment, does not include brake/derailleur adjustment

Brake Hose Replacement: $75 (plus cost of hose, subject to parts availability)


Headset Adjustment: $20

Headset Overhaul: $50

Headset Replacement: $75

Hub Adjustment: $20

Hub Overhaul: $40

Bottom Bracket Installation: $30


Basic Wheel True: $25

Advanced Wheel True/Spoke Replacement: $50 (up to 3 spokes)

Wheel Build: $100


Replacing Handlebars: $30

Wrapping Drop Handlebars: $30