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E-Bike Conversion Overview

Interested in getting your bike converted to electric assist? Check out the video below to get a rundown of what to expect! If you still have questions afterwards, you can check out our FAQ's. And once you're ready to make your bike an e-bike, contact us or just bring your bike in to talk about your electric assist options.

If you'd like to learn more about the systems we offer, you can check out:

The Swift - Our least expensive and lightest system. A 475 watt-hour battery and peppy rear hub motor give you a great boost up any hill. Perfect for a single rider looking to make a commute faster.

The Meridian - A more powerful version of the Swift. Comes with a 700 watt-hour battery for increased range, and 50% more peak torque and power. Great for steep hills, heavier riders, and cargo bikes.

GMAC - A feature-rich system powered by components made in Canada by Grin Technologies. 50% more power and torque than the Meridian, but the same weight! Torque sensing, so the system measures your power input and assists based on that. Regenerative braking, to save your brake pads and increase your range.

TSM A5 - Smooth, quiet, and with a super accurate torque sensor made by the German company Innotorq. Roughly as powerful as the Meridian, but with components made in Canada by Grin Technologies, and regenerative braking.