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Warranty Terms

(for Swift, Meridian, and GMAC Systems)

All components of your Bike Swift electric assist system are warrantied against manufacturer’s defects for at least 2 years from the date of purchase, as listed on your sales receipt. The following components are warrantied for 3 years from date of purchase:

This warranty covers the repair and/or the replacement components provided that the equipment concerned loses its functionality within the agreed warranty period, and also provided that the claim is not related to any of the following cases.

a) External influences, particularly collision, accident, drops and other events with an immediate external effect due to mechanical powers.

b) Purposeful and/or malevolent acts, theft, robbery and/or acts of mischief.

c) Inappropriate use, e.g. the product was exposed to liquids, chemicals of any type, extreme temperatures, wetness and/or humidity.

d) Failure to follow the instructions for proper use as dictated in the user manual.

e) Heavy-use cases, which include but are not limited to: use of a motor system on a bicycle with over 400 lbs total payload (bike, rider, and all cargo/passengers), singletrack or heavy off-road use, or use of a system for more than 5,000 miles/year. In these cases, Bike Swift will offer a 50% discount on replacement parts, and cover the labor associated with replacement of parts.

Any replaced or repaired part will assume the original warranty period. The warranty period is not extended in the case of a claim.

All warranty claims will be serviced by Bike Swift at Bike Swift's Seattle location. Bike Swift will ship replacement parts in the case of a warranty claim where the customer is unable to bring the bicycle or part in for service at Bike Swift's Seattle location. In these instances, Bike Swift covers only the least-expensive domestic shipping options. The customer is responsible for any shipping overages, and is responsible for returning the warrantied part. Bike Swift may elect to cover reasonable labor charges incurred in the replacement of parts in these cases.

In addition, if the user’s axle dropouts are damaged to the point of not safely functioning as a result of using a Bike Swift system, and it can be shown that the motor’s axle caused this damage, Bike Swift will elect to either repair or replace the associated part (frame or fork).

Other than as expressly stated above, this warranty excludes all parts and components of the bicycle not provided by Bike Swift.


As stated above, your battery is covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

In addition, your battery is covered from premature wear. If the battery's capacity falls to below 75% of its original capacity during the first year, the battery will be replaced by Bike Swift. If the battery's capacity falls to below 75% during the second year of ownership, Bike Swift will offer half of the battery's original purchase price as credit for a replacement. If you believe your capacity has decreased by 75%, please contact Bike Swift to arrange for battery testing.
Components Purchased Individually
All e-bike parts purchased not as part of a system are subject to a 1-year warranty unless otherwise stated.