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How Tim Turned His Old Kona into a New E-Bike with Bike Swift

How Tim Turned His Old Kona into a New E-Bike with Bike Swift

Tim is a 64-year-old bike enthusiast who wanted to ride his bike more often but found the hills in Seattle too hard to climb. He discovered Bike Swift, a company that converts non-electric bikes into e-bikes, and decided to try our service. He brought his old Kona bike to our shop and chose a rear hub motor kit that suited his needs. He was impressed by how easy and fast the conversion was, and how much he enjoyed riding his new e-bike. He now uses his e-bike for almost everything and feels healthier, happier, and more eco-friendly.

How Tim Turned His Old Kona into a New E-Bike with Bike Swift

Tim is a Seattle native who loves riding his bike. He has been biking for decades, enjoying the freedom and convenience of getting around the city on two wheels. But as he got older, he found that the hills became more challenging and exhausting. He started to ride his bike less and drive his car more, missing the joy and health benefits of cycling.

Tim had heard about electric bikes, or e-bikes, that use a battery and a motor to assist the rider’s pedaling. He was curious about how they worked and whether they could help him overcome the hilly terrain. He did some research online and learned that there were many types and brands of e-bikes, each with different features and prices. He was overwhelmed by the choices and confused by the technical jargon.

He also realized that buying a new e-bike would mean giving up his old bike, a Kona hybrid that he had bought years ago and customized to his liking. He loved his Kona and didn’t want to part with it. He wondered if there was a way to convert his existing bike into an e-bike, without compromising its quality or performance.

That’s when he came across Bike Swift. We're a local company that specializes in converting non-electric bikes into e-bikes. He visited our website and learned about their process, which involves installing a battery, a motor, a controller, a display, and other sensors and controls directly onto the original bike. He liked that we offered different options for different needs and budgets, and that we used high-quality components from reputable brands. He also liked that we offered a free consultation and a test ride before committing to the conversion.

He decided to give it a try and brought his Kona hybrid bike to our shop. There, he happened to meet Henry, Bike Swift's founder, who assessed his bike and recommended the best conversion kit for him. Tim chose a rear hub motor kit capable of regenerative braking. This system had great power and speed but also uses the motor to slow down the bike, which meant less wear on his brake pads. It costs more than the base level offerings, but Tim felt it would be worth the additional costs.

Henry explained how the conversion would work and how long it would take. He also showed Tim how to use the handlebar controls, which would allow him to adjust the level of assistance from the motor. Tim was impressed by how simple and easy it was, but also by the technical data and customizability that he could access if he wanted to.

He then took his converted bike for a test ride around the neighborhood. He was amazed by how smooth and effortless it felt. He could climb the hills without breaking a sweat, and cruise along the flats with minimal pedaling. He felt like he had a new bike, but with the same familiar feel and look of his old one. He rode his new e-bike home, feeling happy and excited. He couldn’t wait to explore more of the city on his bike, without worrying about the hills or the traffic.

Since then, Tim has been using his e-bike as his main mode of transportation. He rides it almost every day, for commuting, shopping, errands, or recreation. He often uses it for multiple trips each day, adding up to dozens of miles per week. He says he feels healthier, happier, and more connected to his community.

He also says he has saved money on gas, parking, insurance, and maintenance by driving his car less. He estimated that he recouped the cost of the conversion in less than a year!

Tim is one of many satisfied customers who have turned their old bikes into new e-bikes with us. If you are interested in doing the same, visit our website or contact us today for a free consultation and a test ride. You will be glad you did!


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